Kana Theatre: Project: MOTHER

“Project: MOTHER” by Kana Theatre directed by Mateusz Przyłęcki during 31st Modern Art Days!

21 May 2016, 20:30
Białostocki Teatr Lalek, Kalinowskiego str. 1
runtime: 50 min.

Q&A with the authors after the performance hosted by Olga Gordiejew

Tickets will be available from 11th April 2016.
15 zł (presale), 25 zł (on day) available in Forum Cinema and on www.bilety.bok.bialystok.pl

“Project: MOTHER” is a perverse, full of irony and humour story about young mothers, revealing the bright and dark side of motherhood, the delights and difficulties of being a mother. This is the story of their struggles with themselves and the surrounding world, with expectations about being a good mom. Can a loving mother afford a moment of weakness? Can she feel helpless and confused, angry and frustrated? Does she have the right to express her emotions? The authors also look at the way how young mothers function in our society. Do they have the room and conditions to freely express themselves and realize their needs? Does the government support them in caring for children and returning to work? The play is primarily aimed at women. For those who are experiencing motherhood, it can become a support and opportunity to rebound difficult emotions. For those who are planning to become pregnant, it may become a source of knowledge and encouragement to be a mom. The play carries the following message: motherhood is a thrilling adventure, accompanied by strong, extreme emotional states, but it is definitely worth experiencing. This play also for men, because it can help them better understand their current and future partners and love them even more. “You need the courage to speak the truth. Also this uncomfortable truth, without lipstick or icing on the cake.” (Małgorzata Dawid-Mróz)

Photo by Piotr Nykowski „Poza okiem”

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