Jordanian always enjoy with presence of tourists in their country and almost each meeting they begin cherful: „Welcome to Jordan”! It is easy to get used to the warm Arabian hospitality and would like to travel about the country.  Jordania (Al-Urdunn, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) it’s ninety thousand of square kilometer of stony and desert area, with ancient antiquities, red desert, very salty sea and the Crusader castles. Jordan its also The Holy Land, Mount Nebo and the place of Christ’s baptism. This is a picture of Jordan memorized by visitors and tourists, who want to see as much as possible in the shortest time …

The modern Jordan will presents Norbert Skrzyński – geographer, cyclist, reader, observer and fan of maps. Radical opponent of thoughtlessness. Extreme supporter of the movement. Co-organized and participated in a relay of Nowak Africa, and from 2012 he organized Plener Podróżniczy im. Kazimierza Nowaka in Boruszyn.


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