Jeziorak + meeting with Jowita Budnik

Culture Academy of Podlasie and the Polish Film Institute invite for film

Poland 2014, 94′
dir. Michał Otłowski

‘Jeziorak’ is a pessimistic in the content, cool in the visual with a perfect narration crime. The action of the film takes place in: the foggy marshes, the dark forests, an abandoned recreation centre, and a dingy police station as well. The policewoman Iza Dogwood conducts an official inquiry into the missing woman, but all her operations are restrain because of lack of money. To perform her duties Dogwood must routinely argue about money with her superiors. What’s more, at the same time a search is going on the missing two policemen, who disappeared on duty. One of them is Iza’s partner …

Jowita Budnik – a television and a film actress, also works with the Agencja Aktorska Jerzego Gudejki. She played in ‘Kochanki mojej mamy’ of Radoslaw Piwowarski, ‘The labyrinth’, ‘Sieć’ (2000), ‘Dług’ (1999) ‘Mój Nikifor’ (2004), ‘Plac Zbawiciela’ (2006). In 2013, she starred in their last common film – ‘Papusza’.


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