Jacek Sienkiewcz, Jurek Przeździecki, Dtekk

Jacek Sienkiewcz, Jurek Przeździecki live, Dtekk
other room: Majki & friends

August 26, 2022, 23:00
FOMO club, 9/1 Białówny Street
free admission

Concert of the leading representatives of the Polish electronic music scene.

Jacek Sienkiewicz continuously since the early 1990s, has remained an active producer, DJ and publisher, regularly delivering cross-cutting techno with a deep global flair.

Jurek Przeździecki specializes in sophisticated structures on the border of techno and house, but he is also familiar with such climates as psychedelic trance. Together, they create the Tumult Hands project, which has two albums released by the renowned Jacek Sienkiewicz label – Recognition.

Dtekk (Jędrzej Dondziło) is a Białystok resident and one of the most consistent and experienced Polish DJs. His sets, played mainly from vinyl records, on the one hand present a wide range of what is best in techno and electro music, on the other – ambient and experimental music are close to him. Italo disco has a special place in Jędrzej’s repertoire. In his philosophy of performances, it is very important to skillfully balance between the genuine search for the deepest forms of artistic expression and infecting people with a love of music.

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