International Animation Day: Pandemic Animations

October 28, 2021, 19:00
Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
free admission
films with English subtitles

Screening schedule:
1325 Kilometers 227 Days, Gustavo de Almeida, Vítor Teixeira, Brazil 2021, 05:06
Covid-19, Farzaneh Ghobadi, Islamic Republic of Iran 2020, 01:29
Forest of Fears, Rebecca Thomson, Australia 2021, 05:27
In Due Time, Jason Chuang, United Kingdom 2021, 04:48
June 4, 2020, Yoko Yuki, Japan 2021, 04:00
Pandemia, Natasha Malpani Oswal, Vridhi Goyal, India 2021, 07:29
Putting on the Mask, Isabel Galwey, United Kingdom 2020, 07:11
Stay Safe, Mohamed Sobaih, Egypt 2021, 03:04
Utopia – C, Reinhold Bidner, Austria 2020, 07:38
Tha Magik Change, Monami Roy, India 2021, 04:00
Where Are You Now?, Eneos Çarka, Albania 2020, 08:06
The New World: Variations on Stay-home Activities, Hong Ning, Zhao Xiaofeng, China 2020, 01:45

ASIFA created the International Animation Day (IAD) in 2002, honoring the birth of animation, recognized as the first public performance of projected moving images: Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892.

ASIFA coordinates and helps promote IAD celebrations all over the world, putting the art of animation in the limelight in a global worldwide celebration of animation. In recent years, this unique event has been commemorated in more than 50 countries, on every continent of the world.

Every day we witness the importance and beauty of animation in a variety of media. It spreads in commercial theatres – featuring 3D animation and special effects, on TV, publicity, music industry, cross media, internet, but, and most specially, it develops and grows as an art form, through shorts, multimedia and feature films, created by independent authors, artists, students, and children from all over the world.

Animation includes an impressive range of approaches, techniques and goals. Created by drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects, using clay, sand, paper and computer, working with multiple narratives and non-narratives, reflecting a diversity of themes and performances, presented on a variety of platforms. All of this confirms that ANIMATION is an extraordinary and powerful medium of art, cultural expression and communication. And, as a visual storytelling medium, animation can communicate across cultures without verbal language. It truly is a means for cultural connection.

ASIFA strives to support the opportunities for exchange and celebration that this event offers. Stimulating dynamics and collaborations between chapters, groups and agents from different countries, we try to assist in connecting animators to each other, celebrating our unique art form, and bringing animation art to the general public.

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