Innocent Eye Does Not Exist

We have the pleasure of inviting you to Wojciech Wilczyk’s photo exhibition and a meeting with the author:

Innocent Eye Does Not Exist

exhibition opening: March 8th, 2019, 7 PM
exhibition open until May 5th, 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 5 PM
BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street
tickets: exhibition opening and Sundays – free entry, other days – 4 PLN

The photographic project “Innocent Eye Does Not Exist” was created in 2006-2008. As part of this undertaking, Wojciech Wilczyk photographed synagogues, beth midrashes and houses of prayer which are located in the current borders of the Polish state and presently do not have a cult role. In the final documentation, there are photos of more than three hundred objects currently operating as garages, fire houses, manufactories, museums, libraries, cultural centers or abandoned buildings threatened by a construction disaster.

In January 2009, during the first exhibition of the project at the Atlas Sztuki Gallery in Łódź, there was also the premiere of the book “Innocent Eye Does Not Exist”, which contains photographs of 305 buildings, where each of the objects has an extensive description including its history and architectural type characteristics. The album also includes records of conversations with observers of Wilczyk’s photographic activities. During the presentation of the project, these dialogues – read by radio lectors – accompany the pictures.

Wilczyk creates a record of forms from the past that seemingly have grown into a contemporary landscape, but still stand out from it, evoking the memory of the complicated past.
Adam Mazur, the original curator of the exhibition

Wojciech Wilczyk (born in 1961) –  a poet, photographer, author of essays and critical texts about art, curator of exhibitions, lecturer at the Academy of Photography in Cracow.

He wrote three poetry books: “Steppenwolf” (1997), “Eternit” (2003), “Realizm” (2017) and created following photography projects: “Czarno-Biały Śląsk”/”Black and White Silesia” (1999-2003), “Kalwaria”/”Calvary” (1995-2004), “Życie po życiu”/”Life after Life” (2004-2006), “Postindustrial” (2003-2007), “Niewinne oko nie istnieje”/”Innocent Eye Does Not Exist” (2006-2008), “Święta Wojna”/”Holy War” (2009-2014) and, in collaboration with Elżbieta Janicka, “Inne Miasto”/”Another City” (2011-2012). Since 2009, he has been running a blog

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