“In the Footsteps of Alicja Szataginowa” walk

July 25, 2021
rally point: 11:00, 6 Parkowa St.
free participation, no registration required
guides: Iwona Zinkiewicz, Joanna Radziszewska

Alicja Szataginowa, despite the fact that many residents still remember her, is a somewhat forgotten figure of Białystok. She was born on July 9, 1895 most probably in a house at 9 Parkowa St., where she lived until her death. She died on November 28, 1984. She taught piano. She died childless, her archives were found in the attic and secured by the current owners of the tenement house, Mr. and Mrs. Tomaszewski, who made them available to Iwona Zinkiewicz, author of the book “Lost Pearl and Two Worlds” and the LZC Media Library – an archive of the oral history of the city and the region.

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