In Memory of Skiba / Wentus Blues Band / Billy Branch, James Harman & Giles Robson

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a concert within the 34th Autumn with Blues festival

In Memory of Skiba – Tioskow, Dudek, Kozioł, Kisiel, Kaczyński
Wentus Blues Band
Blues Harp Explosion! Billy Branch, James Harman & Giles Robson

November 23rd, 2018, 6 PM
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa street
tickets: 60 PLN – available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), LZC’ box office (19 Warszawska Street) and on

In Memory of Skiba
Białystok musicians associated with the beginnings of blues in Białystok and the beginnings of the Kasa Chorych band will recall the work of Ryszard Skiba Skibiński with a few of his pieces.

Jarek Tioskow
Vocalist and guitarist. Together with Ryszard Skibiński and Mirosław Kozioł, he founded Kasa Chorych in 1976. He had stayed in the band for good and for bad until its split up in 2017. Currently, he works with various musicians.

Mirek Kozioł
Drummer. Co-founder of Kasa Chorych and a band member from 1975 to 1984. He has recently played in Blułoter and Bracia i Siostry bands.

Marek Kisiel
Saxophoner and pianist. Kasy Chorych’ member since 1979 roku (he played the saxophone initially, after the band’s reactivation he played the piano). He played for Kasa Chorych until 2006. He wrote “Szalona Baśka” song among others. He currently plays for Cynamowowa Kaczka.

Włodek Dudek
Guitarist. He was playing for Kasa Chorych from 1979 until the band split up. He returned to the band after its reactivation. He currently collaborates with F.B.I. Blues Band.

Jacek Kaczyński
Bassist. Although he had not performed with Skiba, he met him once, as an 18-year-old, at Kasa’s rehearsal, when Skiba asked him: “And now what? Some blues in A major?” (at that time Kaczyński was interested in jazz on double bass). He was a band member from 1992 to 2007. It was thanks to him, that the band was reactivated. He is currently the frontman of Cynamonowa Kaczka.


Wentus Blues Band

Most of the people associate blues with the backwaters of Louisiana and the cotton fields of Mississippi. Lovers of “Devil’s music” may be surprised by the fact that there is also a vibrant blues scene in Scandinavia. Wentus Blues Band from Kokkola in central Finland is located in the epicenter of the Norse blues explosion.

The band, existing since 1986, performs 150 concerts a year and has the reputation of the most overworked blues group in Scandinavia. Over the years of performances throughout Europe, five musicians of Wentus Blues Band have developed their own blues style, becoming a valued Scandinavian musical institution.

„Throwback” is a diary from those tours: the songs that the band played through laughter, sweat and tears on concert tours over many kilometers. With this album, the group also wanted to pay tribute to their musical heroes, such as Canned Heat, Eddie Kirkland or Louisiana Red, recording their favorite songs.

Band members:
Niko Riippa – guitar
Robban Hagnäs – bass
Juho Kinaret – vocals
Pekka Gröhn – piano
Daniel Hjerppe – drums


Blues Harp Explosion! Billy Branch, James Harman & Giles Robson

The legends of the blues harp join forces with a new generation virtuoso!

Prepare yourself for an incredible explosion on stage of harmonica playing talent when USA harp legends Billy Branch and James Harman join forces with next generation harp ace, the UK’s Giles Robson for an unforgettable show of blues harmonica magic. Backed by the finest blues Talent London has to offer – The Giles Robson Band, Jason Ribeiro (from Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes) on drums, Enzo Strano (The Cinelli Bros) on bass and Paul Garner (from Steve West Weston Band) on guitar.

Billy Branch is a legendary Chicago harmonica player, nominated for the Grammy Award three times. He was honored to be featured on the popular Alligator Records’ “Harp Attack!” compilation alongside such celebrities as Junior Wells, James Cotton and Carey Bell. He was a member of Willie Dixon’s band for many years.

James Harman – Harp Explosion – has more harmonica greatness on the stage. Nominated for Grammy, he resembles Little Walter or Sonny Boy Williamson. He is considered one of the best contemporary blues vocalists and songwriters. Guest star on the harmonica in ZZ Top.

Giles Robson – according to the blues legend Sugar Blue and Paul Jones – one of the best living harmonica players. He released his first album, For Those Who Need the Blues, in 2016. This year, along with Joe Louise Walker and Bruce Katz, he released Journey to the Heart of the Blues.

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Wentus Blues Band Włodek Dudek Jacek Kaczyński fot. P. Kędyś Jarek Tioskow Marek Kisiel Mirek Kozioł Billy Branch Giles Robson James Harman


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