Hot Summer Shorts

July 10th | Forum Cinema | 8:30 PM | tickets: 14 zł | duration: 84 min.

Movies with Polish and English subtitles.

The hottest short films of this summer. This season, we present five international comedy-adventure films. As it is known, summer is the perfect time to have some fun.

Dog’s Life
dir. Thierry Gracia, France, 2016
French adventure film with black humour. Master John and his assistant Arigo live from the profit that flea circus brings to them. By virtue of their pact, Arigo must feed the fleas with his blood. One day, he discovers a dark secret of his master.

The Disco Shines
dir. Chema Garcia Ibarra, Turkey / Spain, 2016
April, Saturday, the weather is good. The shadow from the mountain grows while the evening falls. Five guys are preparing the night: have alcohol, a car and music. It doesn’t matter that the nightclub has been closed for years.

Girls & Boys
dir. Ninja Thyberg, Sweden, 2015
16-year old Nour is a horny geek, whose greatest desire is to loose her virginity. But she can’t even talk to boys. How the heck will she get someone to take off their pants?

Moms on Fire
dir. Joanna Rytel, Sweden / Poland, 2016
What’s it like to be massively pregnant with only four days until you’re due to pop? Your boyfriend is boring, you just would like to have some fun. And then this happens. You are pregnant. Again. Yuck!!!

dir. Sebastien Hann, Switzerland, 2016
Loneliness can be unbearable. What do you do when your last friend leaves? You have to fill the void left behind.

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