Ginczanka. A Recipe for the Simplicity of Life

A monodrama by Agnieszka Przepiórska-Frankiewicz on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the burning of the Great Synagogue in Białystok.

dir. Anna Gryszkówna
production: Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Kraków, Bałtycka Agencja Artystyczna BART

June 27, 2022,  19:00
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
free admission

Zuzia, a ten-year-old girl of Jewish origin, begins to write poems, and after a few years she first has the honor of publishing them in a school magazine, and then winning a distinction in the poetry competition persuaded to participate in it by Julian Tuwim himself. From that moment on, everything went smoothly in her life: eighteen-year-old Zuzanna starts working with “Wiadomości Literackie”, moves from provincial Rivne to her dream Warsaw, starts her studies and starts writing for “Szpilki”. The world seems to lie at her feet. Then comes the war.


BOK Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury