Future Shorts Summer 2017

August 21st | Forum Cinema | 8:30 PM | tickets: 14 zł | duration: 96 min.

Movies with Polish and English subtitles.

Friendship, love, family, music – they are universal themes, yet, at the same time, always up to date and relevant to each of us. Future Shorts Summer raises these issues in the form of a brilliant selection of eight international short films.

Little Cub – Too much love
dir. Lily Rose Thomas, UK, 2017
Contemporary moralizing story of everyday life, except that there is no moral in it.

dir. Simón Mesa Soto, Colombia, 2016
16 year-old Andrea leaves her neighborhood in the hills of Medellin to attend a downtown casting call for an adult pornographic movie.

The Committee
dir. Jenni Toivoniemi and Gunhild Enger, Finland / Norway, 2016
Three delegates from Sweden, Norway and Finland are gathered in Lapland to decide on an art piece, which is to be placed where the three borders meet geographically. The delegates are faced with the true challenges of a democratic decision-making process. Is there something they can agree to be a Nordic movement?

Half a Man
dir. Kristina Kumrić, Croatia, 2016
Two sisters in 1991 Croatia prepare a special homecoming for their father on the day he’s set to return after three months as a prisoner of war. Kristina Kumric crafts a powerful portrait of a family that’s just beginning to see the damage it’s suffered.

HAIM – Right now
dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, USA, 2017
“Right Now,” the first track from Haim’s upcoming album, Something to Tell You, is strictly for the heads. A live studio recording filmed in slow-rolling precision by Paul Thomas Anderson, the song is hardcore Haim, with its bashing drums, punk feedback, and pleading vocals.

dir. Rene Pannevis, UK, 2015
Two teenagers steal a getaway car, but when they find audio recordings of a dying man, one is determined to return the car.

Light in dark places: The refugee crisis in Greece
dir. Lily Cole, UK, 2017
Led by Lily Cole, Light in Dark Places is a one off documentary focusing on Samos – the Greek island at the centre of the refugee crisis.

Oor Wally
dir. Martin Lennon, UK, 2017
Oor Wally is a lighthearted documentary short film that follows Scotland’s most unique mascot Wally the Warrior across an eventful football season. Wally also happens to be Eleanor, a mother of eight and and granny of seven. Every home game she wears the Wally costume with pride even though every season the team face another relegation battle.



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