Future Shorts: Spring Season

Are you ready for the Spring? April set is composed of seven excited film from all over the World. Among the titles are presented stories, animations and videos, shown and awarded at many prestigious film festivals. We invite you to meet a really unusual duets. We will show how important is friendship, and how innocent infatuation.. We will laugh and cry, to dispel common existential fears, and above all – fun.

    dir. Yan Giroux /Canada 2013/19 min/Story
    A man and his giant stuffed bear move through the bustling crowds and noisy rides at an amusement park. In the face of this strange world he can no longer relate to, Jack searches for a reason to smile… The camera follows him as he navigates this unwelcoming space, rendering a striking choreographed cinematic experience.
  2. MYNARSKI DEATH PLUMMET / Śmiertelny skok Mynarskiego
    dir. Matthew Rankin /Canada 2014/ 8min/Animation
    A completely handmade historical microepic about the final minutes in the life of Winnipeg’s doomed Second world war hero, Andrew Mynarsky.
    dir. Cara Connolly & Martin Clark / United Kingdom 2013/ 15min /Story/Romance
    Girls boarding school in the remote Scottish Highlands, 1986. Reg is a lonely 15 year old girl, who stares longingly out of her dorm window at the chainsaw wielding tree surgeon working in the school grounds. Reg and her classmates have to take part in a self defense exercise – The Attack Test…
  4. TWO FILMS ABOUT LONELINESS /Dwa filmy o samotności
    dir. Christopher Eales/USA 2014/ 6min./ Animation / Comedy
    Split-screen, bilingual stop-motion film, in which two neighbours turn to technology in their search for companionship and acceptance.
  5. PRIDE /Duma
    dir. Pavel G. Vesnakov /Bulgaria, Germany 2013 /30min/ Story
    A man of habit confronts a world in transition in his own kitchen.
    dir. Megaforce /United Kingdom 2014 /4min/Video
    A techno-rap group Brodinski prezents a video, production of French Megaforce. Summary risky, driving with a dystopian narcotic, hypnotic vision of time travel.
  7. THE MISSING SCARF /Zagubiony szalik
    dir. Eoin Duffy / Ireland 2013 / 6min/ Animation
    A black comedy exploring some of life’s common fears: fear of the unknown, of failure, rejection and finally the fear of death. Narrated by George Takei.

Total time: 88′


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