Future Shorts Spring Season 2017

Future Shorts Spring Season 2017

Future Shorts Spring Season is a set of truly militant films, heavily involved in current socio-political issues. The refugee crisis, military conflicts, economical migration, and personal search for identity (personal, social, and sexual) are important questions and they are discussed in the selected films in an original way. There are 7 films from around the world in the program.

Future Shorts Spring Season 2017
April 26th / Forum Cinema / 6.30 PM / tickets: 14 zł


United Kingdom 2015, dir. Kal Weber, feature film, 6’
A man gives an advice to a 15-year-old girl, but their meeting is developing in an unexpected way.

Netherlands 2015, dir. Ena Sendijarevic, feature film, 17’
Having received documents authorizing the stay, a Bosnian family finds shelter in a small Dutch village. They are trying to settle in an unknown world, but absurd situations emerge.

The Runner
Spain 2014, dir. José Luis Montesinos, comedy, 13’
5 years ago a boss shut down his company and fired 300 employees. It’s the first day when he comes out to jog and meets one of the former subordinates.

A Night In Tokoriki
Romania 2016, dir. Roxana Stroe, comedy, 18’
The entire village celebrates the Geanina’s 18th birthday in an improvised night club. Her boyfriend will give her a present that she never forgets.

9 Days: From My Window In Aleppo
Netherlands, Syria 2015, dir. Issa Touma, Floor van de Muelen, Thomas Vroege, documentary, 12’
August 2012. A Syrian photographer Issa Touma noticed a young man dragging bags with sand across the street. He spent the next 9 days at his apartment, witnessing the beginning of the conflict in Aleppo.

Refugee – Nadia Theran
Sweden, Iran 2016, dir. Nadia Tehran Music, music video, 3’
Nadia Tehran explores the limits of personal and political identity in an “Refugee” music video.

Nothing Stranger
China, Netherlands, Spain 2016, dir. Pedro Collantes, feature film, 22’
A long time ago little Ling had a dream. She remembers every detail of it even today: a fisherman on a bamboo raft, green mountains reaching the clear sky, a black bird trying to swallow a carp, but something stops him…

Total screening time: 91’
Screening in Polish and English language versions.

Ad Arte Foundation, Future Shorts Poland, Bialystok Cultural Centre


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