Free Blues Band / Bracia i Siostry

Białystok Cultural Centre and M.I.A.S.T.O. foundation have the pleasure of inviting you to a concert on the occasion of the Polish Day of Blues

September 15th, 2019
6 PM –  plaque unveiling on the Blues Alley
6:30 PM – Free Blues Band / Bracia i Siostry and guests, Fama club, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 25 PLN (presale), 30 PLN (on the day of the event), available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), BCC/LZC’ box office (19 Warszawska Street) and on

B&S – BRACIA I SIOSTRY / Białystok
The band started its official activity on November 11th, 2005. The band’s name comes from the title of The Allman Brothers Band’s album “Brothers and Sisters”. Initially, their concerts were based on the repertoire of The Allman Brothers Band, but soon members of “Bracia i Siostry” began to compose their own songs and present them to a wider audience. In 2006, the musicians recorded their first album entitled “DEMO, czyli antidotum na stres”, which consisted of 6 original compositions. The following year resulted in numerous awards at festivals. For over a decade of its activity, B&S has been constantly fighting for a stable, strong composition. A lot of musicians were its members over time and they naturally influenced its sound. In 2016, the band’s current, most outlineded and emotional composition was formed.

Krzysztof Gregorkiewicz – vocals
Paweł Szucher Szuszkiewicz – guitar
Paweł Muzzy Mikosz – bass guitar, double bass
Mirek Kozioł – drums

A blues group that has been playing expressive music for over 38 years,and combines elements of rythm’n’blues, soul, funk and jazz. Established at the end of 1979 by brothers Andrzej and Marian Malcherek. They have won virtually all rock and blues music festivals organized in Poland since 1983. The band uses the original Hammond organs, which Agnieszka Malcherek plays as the only woman organist in Poland. Regularly for 26 years on one of Fridays every month they give a concert at the band’s Free Blues Club in Szczecin.

Andrzej Malcherek – guitar, vocals
Agnieszka Malcherek – Hammond organ
Mateusz Pawelec – bass guitar
Dariusz Kamiński – drums

Blues Alley
The idea first brought about in autumn 2007 was implemented during the event known as celebration of the Year of Blues in Białystok. The event was organised to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Kasa Chorych band and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Skibiński’s tragic death. The capital of Podlachia was the first Polish city to recognise and honour the genre this way.

Białystok is the site of the oldest blues festival in Poland and at the same time it may be considered a centre for musical activities of Kasa Chorych, Devil Blues, Bracia i Siostry, 48 Godzin, Formacja Fru or The Hardworkers. The alley and regular blues events in Białystok are the most important symbols of the city’s blues tradition.

Establishing Blues Alley was aimed at reminding of the blues achievements of Białystok citizens, promoting the genre and familiarising everyone with this category of artistic musical expression. Blues is not only the musicians though. In Białystok context blues encompasses a wide group of blues promoters who dedicated their lives to “infect others” with their love for music.

Polish Day of Blues
September 16th, the birthday anniversary of B.B. King, is celebrated in Poland as the Day of Blues at the initiative of the Polish Blues Association. Around this date, different kinds of blues events are organized  throughout the country: concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, radio music shows, and music lovers’ meetings.


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