The fourth edition of The Rise of Eastern Culture

30th May 2016 during a press conference in the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency in Warsaw was presented fourth edition of cultural project the Rise of Eastern Culture.
The conference was attended by prof. Piotr Gliński, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Marek Mutor – Director of the National Centre for Culture Poland, Tadeusz Ferenc – President of Rzeszów, Krzysztof Żuk – President of Lublin and Robert Jóźwiak, Deputy President of Białystok.

The Rise of Culture in Rzeszów: 23-26 June

The Rise of Culture – Another Sounds Art&Music Festival in Lublin: 6-10 July

The Rise of Culture – another Dimension in Białystok: 1-4 September.
The festival presents a wealth of multiculturalism in Podlasie, especially in Bialystok. It promotes the idea of dialogue and tolerance in a culturally diversed city, where for centuries coexisted Poles, Russians, Belarusians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Jews and Germans. It restores the memory of the lost, while showing contemporary achievements and it combines history with contemporary artistic activity. Like in previous years, the format of “multicultural market” will obviously embrace other nationalities.

The festival events will be held among others in: theatres, art galleries, Bialystok Cultural Centre  but most of all in the public urban spaces. Our program  offers over 30 events, will present over 200 artists from seven countries (including China and India). Another Dimension of Music it’s concerts of Asian Dub Foundation,  Dagadana and invited musicians from China and Ukraine, oratorio concert „Different languages – one music” and Nino Katamadze & Insight „Z Batumi do Białegostoku”.  Another Dimension of Theatre invites to a performative reading of drama „Noc wilków” by Oleksandr Witer, which will be accompanied by live music performed by members of bands: Karbido and Zero-85. On program will be also performance of Belarusian director Walery Mazinski and monodrama „Ksenia” by Czrevo Thetare. Another Dimension of Art invites to an exhibition by Nikita Kadan from Ukraine „Kości się przemieszały”, exhibition of Ciprian Muresan from Romania, exhibition of Sergey Shabohin and Sergey Kiryuschenko from Belarus and to an installation „Nothing common, nothing personal” by Daniil Galkin from Ukraine. Another Dimension of Fashion will present works by designers from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and India. Another Dimension of  Film invites to Kino Sąsiedzi, as a part of  Another Dimention of Society will be held educational walks.

The festival is a part of the formula of the Eastern Partnership. It is co-organized with the National Centre for Culture. The participation in the festival enents is free of charge. Festival is held under the patronage of  National Centre for Culture’s program Accessible Culture.

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