Fling – performance

Performance of Maria Kong Dancers Company

Everything that can become digital will become digital.

DANCE is no exception.

Time: Medieval.

Location: A futuristic video game

Prologue: a window of visual & sound (Luciano Berio Violin Sequenza VIII of 1976)

Fling is Maria Kong’s first and most famous work. During MAD, a new version of this highly acclaimed piece will be presented.

The action centers around three characters: Federco, Gomiez and Angelica, who represent a wide range of emotional elements. The plot moves dynamically among the forces and conflicts of those elements.

Fling is a live virtual video game where movements are challenged by our ever changing emotions, much like a virus that spreads in us and through us. Our body, mind and soul become a part of something way beyond our wildest dreams.

In today’s world, we are all challenged by the illusion of existing in a virtual live video game which we might even call “reality”.

“…Then in complicated solos and in group, every movement is performed to technical perfection, of the four, who seem in their costumes like bugs, robots, aliens, and never like humans.”- Habama webiste, Tzvi Goren, 2009.

“The polished technique and the original movement language tell of an uncompromising investigation, creative and committed.” – Mouse guide, Michal Baadani, 2009.

Choreographers: Anderson Braz, Leo Lerus, Ya’ara Moses, Talia Landa Dancers: Anderson Braz, Artour Astman, Talia Landa, Caroline Boussard Violinist: Cordelia Hagmann Original music by: Tribal Tul Music: Luciano Berio, The Residents, Apex Twin, Amon Tobin Video: Ori Ben-Shabat Costume Designer: Miki Avni Lighting Designer: Felice Ross Music Editing: Tal Ben Ari, Ariel Tagar Lights: Shachar Werechson Sound: Tal Ben Ari Technical Manager: Yossi Tal-Taieb







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