Film premiere: Small Town Killers

Ib and Edward are tired of their wives and lives until now. They would love to enjoy the freedom again. Over a drink they are hatching a plan and as a result they hire a contract killer who is supposed to help them reclaim their freedom. Hiring a killer is less costly than making a divorce after a dozen years of marriage. But they have underestimated their wives and unexpectedly became the ones to fear for their lives.

Among the cast of the film we can find several excellent actors, such as: Ulrich Tomsen (“Festen”, “Brothers”, “In  a Better World”, “The Commune”, “Banshee”), Nicholas Bro (“Dark Horse”, “The Good Heart”, “Nymphomaniac”, “Men & Chicken”, The Bridge”), Mia Lyhne (“The Boss of It All”), and Lene Maria Christensen (“Brothers”, “Terribly Happy”). They are accompanied by one of the best Polish actors, Marcin Dorociński (“Reverse”, “Rose”, “Miłość”, “Jack Strong”, “Pakt”).


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