Film premiere: My Wonderful Life

It may be wonderful, but is it really mine? This is the question faced by Joanna, the central character of Łukasz Grzegorzek’s new film. She’s a caring daughter, a laid-back mother, a well-liked teacher, and a get-along, go-along sort of wife. She’s perfect in all these roles. But she hasn’t felt like herself in any of them for a long time. Each meticulously performed professional or domestic activity is accompanied by a sense of burnout and growing frustration. Instead of breaking the routine, she leads double life — it’s a secret she doesn’t share with anyone. If things were to come to light, it would inevitably mean the end of what seems so “wonderful” in her world. In his third feature, Łukasz Grzegorzek tells the story of a woman who no longer wants to put everyone else before herself. But rebelling, breaking the status quo and trying to reach for what she really cares about takes a lot of courage. Just like Kamper and A Coach’s DaughterMy Wonderful Life is a warm, empathetic and understanding comedy about what matters most in life. The leading roles are performed by the director’s good friends from previous films – Agata Buzek and Jacek Braciak.


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