Film premiere: Heart of Oak

Every little detail is captured on the grain (and in 4K) in a film where the diverse wildlife around a single oak tree plays out like a daily drama of life and death. An audience favourite, and a huge nature experience. From 8 years old.

An oak tree is not just a tree. It is an ecosystem in itself, and a home to many different life forms at once. Featuring squirrels, herons, ants, deer and badgers, the French audience favourite ‘Heart of Oak’ unfolds the wonderful natural kingdom where everything is interconnected, from the roots to the crown. Starring an ancient oak tree – and with a camera that captures even the smallest detail – a daily drama of life and death unfolds as animals struggle for food, shelter and survival through the seasons. Shot in 4K, ‘Heart of Oak’ is a serious contender for the great nature experience of the year at the cinema. And by the way, the nearest oak tree is within cycling distance if you want to go and see for yourself after the film.


BOK Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury