Exhibition: Works and Crafts + Meeting: Dream Team + Concert: Południce

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition opening, meeting, and concert within the ¿Underground?/Independent? 2018 festival:

March 9th, 2018, 8:15
Fama Club, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Work is madness. It takes up to three-quarters of the lives of some “lucky” people. By telling stories and listening to other relation more or less related to work, searching for or abandoning it, the Dream Team collective came up with the album “Works and Crafts” (“Prace i robótki”). The authors wrote down the stories and chose the ones closest to their professional experience. The stories drawn by the Dream Team and guest participants tell us how they feel life defined by work. These are the stories of girls, drawn by girls. In addition to the Dream Team members – Agnieszka Gójska, Beata Sosnowska, Natalia Kulka, and Ann Fau – the album also includes the works of Marta Bystroń and Edyta Bystroń, artists of the independent comic scene.

Dream Team is a girls’ cartoon and comic collective, a group of artists acting on various fields of art.They share the idea to create a project that will reformulate the existing concept of the comic. The composition of the Dream Team is dynamic, the group is in constant transformation, in its composition it has permanent participants, as well guests, with whom they work on various projects. The activity of the collective, that has been in operation since 2012, focuses, among other things, on publishing comics, educational and ecological workshops as well as initiatives for minorities excluded due to sexual orientation and social position. Dream Team has presented over a dozen exhibitions all over Poland. They have also published some book or albums.

POŁUDNICE – the female singing group from Białystok will take us on a musical journey around Podlachia. During this trip you will be able to hear the traditional songs of the region, as diverse as its inhabitants: mono and polyphonic, sung in Polish or in Ukrainian and Belarusian dialect. They talk about the bright and dark sides of rural life and the changing nature cycle. That musical story will include a song about haymaking with a surprising point, spring, wedding and love songs, a young wife’s complaint about a bad father-in-law or a reflective song about irretrievably lost youth.

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