Esperanto in film

Not only linguist have been fascinated with the Esperanto language. The tenth Muse has also tried to make use of the universal language created by Ludwik Zamenhof. Very few people associate Esperanto with such movies as “The Great Dictator”, “Blade: Trinity”, “Gattaca”, “Street Fighter”, or, more recently, “Captain Fantastic”. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the 36th Polish Esperanto Congress organized in Białystok, we have the pleasure of inviting you to a meeting with this beautiful extraordinary language. During our screenings and a lecture delivered by Tomasz Adamski, DHum, we will try to bring you closer to this phenomenon – everything in an informal club atmosphere.

Saturday, May 13th, Fama Club, 5 Legionowa Street, free entry

6 PM – screening of short films from the Chinese festival “Teo kaj Amo”
“Teo kaj Amo” in Esperanto means “Tea and Love”.
The International Short Film Festival takes place in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. It is organized by institutions and organizations associated with the Esperanto language. This year’s edition, organized with the motto „Tea and Love” took place in April. The winners were presented and the awards were given to the filmmakers. During the festival the  audience could see short films of various genres: feature films, documentaries, animations, and music videos.

10 PM – screening of the film “Incubus”
“Incubus” is a black and white horror movie that was entirely created in Esperanto language. For years the film was considered missing (the only existing copy was found in 1996 in France). This was the second film in history where all dialogues were in Esperanto. The curious fact is that many considered it a cursed movie due to the series of unlucky events that plagued its creators (accidents, suicides, bankruptcies). This discouraged distributors and as a result, the picture has not gained much publicity. The big assets of the film include the cinematography by Conrad Hall, as well as the unique mood of extraordinariness, accompanying the audience during the show.

The event is organized by the Bialystok Cultural Centre on the occasion of the 36th Polish Esperanto Congress.




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