Death to Homeland Enemies

This city has always wanted to be a capital – so long as no embarrassment, poverty or disco polo. I’ll take you where happiness is not endangered. Who wants to take us there and where is this place? Why is it so hard to escape from ideologies that shape us for the price of independence? The play is an opportunity to ask questions about identity – collective and individual, but also an excuse to look into some processes occurring in Podlasie and Bialystok. The war for unambiguity kills everything but illusion.

Three Warsaw polyamorists arrive in Podlasie to feel the breath of Slavic spirit on their own skin. Romping on the periphery of modernity and civilization, they desire to get to the essence of Polish Nazism, look it in the eye and sing a soothing lullaby. But the adventure turns into a bloody slasher. A maniac killer chops their self-sufficient bodies immersed in a formalin dream about a land of everlasting, eternal Instagram. You can run, but you can’t hide.

The performance is a part  “What is White in a Black Man” project, scholarship awarded by Marshall of Podlasie Province.

Michal Stankiewicz – studied journalism, theatre and playwriting. He is the director of “Import / Export”, “Methods of National Settings” and the author of dramas “Tickling” , “He Who Doesn’t Clap Has No Hand” , “HHH”. He has won a scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

After the performance discussion “We did not find a common language“, moderated by PhD Katarzyna Sawicka – Mierzyńska.

Directed by, text, video – Michal Stankiewicz Assistant, text, video, set designer – Karolina Sulich Text – Marta Jagniewska Lights – Adam Frankiewicz Music – DJ Slasher Production – Marta Szarzyńska Text, cast – Sonia Roszczuk, Sebastian Stankiewicz, Bartłomiej Firlet

After the performance discussion “We did not find a common language “, moderated by PhD Katarzyna Sawicka – Mierzyńska.

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