Days of Freedom and Civil Rights

Białystok City Mayor Tadeusz Truskolaski has the pleasure of inviting you to

Days of Freedom and Civil Rights

on the 30th anniversary of the first free parliamentary elections


  • May 31st – June 7th
    • exhibition „Jointly to Freedom”; Kościuszki Square
  • May 31st

    • 9 AM film screening “Last Bell” („Ostatni dzwonek”) and a meeting with members of the Citizens’ Committee of the Bialystok Region; Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
  • June 1st – 4th
    • „Electoral Office from 1989” installation; Kościuszki Square
  • Jun 1st

    • 5 PM city dance party to 1989 hits; Branicki Palace gardens
  • June 2nd

    • 10 AM „Breakfast of Freedom” with Katarzyna Bosacka; Kościuszki Square
    • 11 AM „A Walk to Freedom” in the footsteps of the Białystok architecture of the PPR!; start: Kościuszki Square
    • 11 AM – 4:30 PM „Picnic of Freedom”; Center for Social Activity, 3 Św. Rocha Street
    • 13:30 „Tea of Freedom”; Kościuszki Square
  • June 3rd

    • 13:00 discussion „30 Years since the June 1989 Elections” and „June 1989 Elections in Archival Documents” exhibition opening; National Archive in Białystok, 101 Mickiewicza Street
  • June 7th

    • 8:30 PM „Concert of Freedom”: Natalia Przybysz, Barbara Wrońska, Daria Zawiałow, Igor Herbut, Piotr Rogucki; Kościuszki Square


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