Concert: Orgonite (IL) / DJ Khalab – live a/v (IT) / Rafael Aragon (FR)

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a concert within the ŻUBROFFKA festival:

Orgonite (IL) / DJ Khalab – live a/v (IT) / Rafael Aragon (FR)

December 9th, 2017, 10:30 PM
Fama Club, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 15 (presale) PLN / 20 PLN (on the day of the concert), available at the Forum Cinema’s box office, BCC/LZC’s box office and on www.bilety.bok.bialystok

Orgonite are an Israeli explosive crew, younger brothers and sisters of the madmen from the Russian band Little Big. The group was founded by Vadim Mechon and Yan Future Trash from the punk band ShittyCT, who (as migrants from former Soviet Union countries) are fascinated by post-Soviet rip-offs and electronic music. In their vision they embody all the cultural elements that coexist in today’s Israel. This is how the Middle Eastern Rave concept came into being – a crazy, colourful and wild combination of post-Soviet, Israeli, African, Arab and European culture. Orgonite invite us for an intense meeting with the Middle East: music mix, cuisine, DIY approach, and even a specific fashion based on counterfeit Adibass products. Their video clips are particularly interesting and have been viewed over 6 million times! They depict the reality of Israel completely different from that present in the media all over the world. Vibrant, radiant, pulsating with life and cultural shock, yet full of brilliant, playing with stereotypes sense of humour. We will, we will rave you!

DJ Khalab – afrofuturistic bass tremor, long and multidimensional journey between the desert and space ships, but not only this. DJ Khalab takes us to the cleanest, fiery and shamanic world of Africa and urbanized centres of world capitals. The sound of Khalab stretches from the imagery of ancient cosmic tribes, flowing smoothly from the darkest jungle to the bass of concrete skyscrapers, from the distant subconscious to the palpable, present-day state of Western culture which is perceived by the artist as greedy and corrupt. These DJ Khalab sounds and interpretations have won rave reviews over the last few years (including the BBC, Radio Nova and I-D) and many awards. His first solo recordings and those recorded together with Clap Clap! were released by Black Acre Records. His newer productions by Wonderwheel Recordings are a result of the collaboration with Baba Sissoko and others.

Rafael Aragón aka Rafiralfiro is a Latin/Arabic rooted French musician / DJ/ composer / producer. Born & raised in Paris, between downtown and suburbs, he grew up surrounded by different cultures that really built him, first as a human being and later as an artist.
He started composing beats at the age of 20 under the name of Rafiralfiro, after spending a childhood possessed with music, from afro-latin, jazz & classical to modern rock and hip-hop. He soon became obsessed with the idea of mixing traditional, folkloric music with modern electronic patterns, looking for the perfect balance between organic and synthetic, old and new, art music and popular music, the holy and the profane, the darkness and the light, the brain and the feet.

He soon started acting in various music fields, composing scores for movies or documentaries, producing beats for rappers and singers, releasing free albums on the web and displaying unique live performance in France and beyond. Next to his solo, main project, he played in some bands or side projects with different musicians and singers.

Rafael Aragon’s music is mainly club oriented, heavy bass material, yet delicate, maximalist and highly psychedelic. Sweaty dancefloor killers and soulful, enlightened anthems to cheer up and enjoy the beauty of life. With a very special, magic touch inspired by the ancient traditions of shamanism from all around the world. Mystic chimes, ritual drums and witchcraft incantations meet club kicks, filthy basslines and electronic batucada to provide a rich, dancy and psychedelic music for hips and ears!


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