Concert: Alphaville / BeMy

We invite you to a performance within the Days of Białystok:

Alphaville / BeMy

June 24th, 20.30
Kościuszki Square
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The New Wave band from Münster, consisting of Marian Gold, Bernd Lloyd and Frank Mertens, made it big internationally with their very first single “Big in Japan” in 1984. The fact that Ricky Echolette replaced Mertens shortly thereafter did nothing to hinder their further success. Hit singles from the same Forever Young LP as well as from their second album Afternoons in Utopia followed “Big in Japan” into the charts.

The Alphaville‘s third LP The Breathtaking Blue (1989) marked a change in their musical style to include a blend of styles from the rock, classical, and blues traditions. Five years later, they once again diversified their musical sound with Prostitute, whose songs show more sophistication and maturity than their earlier works.

After several studio successes, Alphaville went on their first world tour in 1995. By 1997, the band was down to two members, Gold and Lloyd, but they continued to release remixes, remakes, and previously unreleased titles, producing both the music and cover artwork themselves.

In 2000, Alphaville began publishing a new song on their website each month that would later appear in their multi-volume colossal work Dreamscapes. In 2003, Lloyd left the band to work on his solo career. Rainer Bloss, who had been co-composing the band’s music since the early 90s, and musical director Martin Lister joined Gold in carrying on the band’s work. The new group performed with a string string quartet on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2004.

BeMy was founded by brothers Mattia and Elie Rosinski. They were born in France, their parents are Poles. From a very early age they were interested in music. Having graduated high school, they continued their musical education in England, at the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music. There they befriended Ed Sheeran. In 2013 they competed in Must Be The Music, where they became the runner-ups. In 2014 they gave their first acoustic concert in Poland within the British Sofar Sounds project. They won the jury award at the TOPtrendy festival, main award at the Jarocin Festival. They also played on the main stage at the Woodstock Festival. In 2016 they released their debut album “GRIZZLIN”.


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