Competition: Music video

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a music video competition screening hosted by Agnieszka Obszańska of the Polish Radio Three within the ŻUBROFFKA festival!

Competition: Music video

December 7th, 2017, 10 PM
Fama Club, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

We also recommend you to attend a concert of the RSS B0YS band following the screenings.

Competition’s lineup:

Tulipomania: Who Let You Know?
directors: Cheryl Gelove, Tom Murray
cinematography: Tulipomania
music: Tulipomania
United  States 2016, 3’

Dark plaster heads emerge, hover, sing and dissolve in this illusory time-lapse animation, directed and animated by the band members.

Los Viejos: Amnesia en el Estado
director: Esteban Azuela
cinematography: Esteban Azuela
music: Los Viejos
Mexico 2016, 2’47”

The film full of hidden and distorted messages is a tribute to the music of the Mexican punk band Los Viejos. Its message, full of brutal visions, is like a snake that devours its tail and begs for mercy drowning in pain.

Mark Lotterman: Happy
director: Alice Saey
cinematography: Alice Saey
music: Mark Lotterman
France, Netherlands 2017, 6’35”

Egyptian geese are trying to seduce us with a charming dance in a pond. After a while the water level begins to rise. It does not matter. The geese will dance until they drown.

Pablopavo: Ostatni dzień sierpnia
directors:Marcin Podolec i Kacper Zamarło
cinematography: Marcin Podolec i Kacper Zamarło
music: Pablopavo
Poland 2017, 5’54”

The hero recalls a distant memory – the summer afternoon of 1993. He tells the story of a painful breakup.

Bonobo: No Reason (ft. Nick Murphy)
director: Oscar Hudson
cinematography: Oscar Hudson
music: Bonobo
United Kingdom 2017, 4’03”

The performance behind the closed door in which we follow the hero trapped in a world built of endless shrinking rooms. Technically impressive music video, full of easter eggs, alluding to Alice in Wonderland.

Radiohead: I Promise
director: Michał Marczak
cinematography: Michał Marczak
music: Radiohead
United Kingdom 2017, 4’02”

Explorsation of an astonishing, futuristic motif through the cut off animatronic head left on the bus seat and looking out the window. When a lonely android makes eye contact with a passerby, we observe human activities in odd and chaotic ways.

Husky: Ghost
director: Jonathan Chong
cinematography: Jonathan Chong
music: Husky
Australia 2017, 3’25”

A journey through the surrealist dreamland, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. Colorful and bold visions give this cross-stitched animation a proper energy, interwoven with dark subtexts. A joyful way to honor those who have gone.

The Blaze: Territory
director: The Blaze
music: The Blaze: Territory
France 2017, 5’37”

We were waiting for this day / Now we cry with happiness
Like a desert in the rain / When the dead wake up
There is no one like my mom/ There is no place like a family home
When I was young / The taste is so clear / I missed it a lot

Son Lux: Cage of Bones
director: Benoit Soler
cinematography: François Starr
music: Son Lux
Belgium 2016, 4’16”

Determining the present by showing our behavior in an iconic live image that draws the viewer into an introspective and sarcastic journey.


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