Cloud Theater: Brief Outline of Everything

Unusual combination of visual, film arts and theatre, called performative cinema during Modern Art Days!

Cloud Theater
Brief Outline of Everything (100’)

19 May 2016, 18:00
Forum hall, Legionowa str. 5
Tickets: 15 zł (presale), 25 zł (on the day) available at Forum Cinema and at

Meeting with the artists after the performance hosted by Dominik Sołowiej.

directed by: Teo Dumski
live drawing: Sebastian Siepietowski
choreography: Jan Nykiel
multimedia live: Mateusz Kujawski
music: Maciej Zakrzewski
costumes: Gabriela Budzyńska
produced by: Cloud Theater

“A Brief Outline of Everything” is a vision of world history from its creation to the final end. Told by means modern technologies, brings in a bold attempt of interpreting history and showing social processes that determine our fate. This combination of visual art, film and theatre is known as performative cinema. The focal point of the performance is a camera set above the stage, which creates an unusual point of view. This technique has been enriched by a drawing, which creates a live set and becomes an “actor”. The viewers experience microscopic images, known from nature films, battle scenes or complete abstraction. All the images are created here and now under their feet and delivered to them by the camera, the emerging live drawing pattern and special effects. The performance, using the cinematic form of communication, preserves the most important element of the theatre: the presence of a live actor.

Cloud Theater is a cloud of artists scattered around the country, the continent and the world who maintain out-of-sight contact with one another and who condense around a momentary idea in order to create art. Then they melt in invisible layers of the atmosphere. They do not have an artistic home, their own stable or political dependence that determine their fate. They are present, unaffiliated, independent, exceptional and free. “The idea of ​​the cloud seems closer and closer to us, not only because of digital technology. The cloud not only contains our data, but also our smiles, grimaces, thoughts, desires, passions and secrets. It also comprises our art. In the cloud we walk down the street, play, think and proliferate. The cloud is us.”

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DSW 2016_Cloud Theater - Krótki zarys wszystkiego

DSW 2016_Cloud Theater - Krótki zarys wszystkiego

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