Children’s cinema: Mr. Frog

What would you do if you were primary school pupil and suddenly you would find out that your teacher sometimes turns into a frog? April 23rd, Forum Cinema, 12.00, we invite you to a funny film for the whole family “Mr. Frog”. Tickets: 12 zł.

Mr. Frog / Meester Kikker
director: Anna van der Heide
The Netherlands, 2016, age rating: 6+, dubbing, 90′

Sita prepared herself very carefully for her presentation about frogs, therefore, she is very surprised when Mr. Frans – her friendly teacher – does not want to hear her to the end. The suspicious girl starts to follow him and soon discovers that sometimes he turns into a frog! The world is not always safe for animals, so Sita and her friends will have to protect Mr. Frans.


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