Children’s cinema: Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Netherlands, 2015

Ten-year-old Wim dreams about going to school, but lives in an orphanage. He is exploited, together with the other children of the orphanage, and has to work hard hours in a weaving factory. The children are desperately waiting for the introduction of the new School Act, which makes it mandatory for children aged 6-12 to attend school. When Wim manages to escape, Jet allows him to hide at the farm. It’s the beginning of a race against time, full of adventures, mischief, and new friendships. Most importantly: Wim is to make sure not to get caught by the orphanage’s head mistress.

Monkey Business is the first Dutch movie entirely filmed in 3D. This heartwarming movie is inspired by the drawings of Cornelis Jetses, who is well known in the Netherlands for his now nostalgic school posters, children’s books, and the reading tablet.



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