Caravana Banda

Caravana Banda

January 27th, 2018, 8 PM
Fama Club, 5 Legionowa St.
tickets: 25 PLN (presale), 35 PLN (on the day of the event), available at the Forum Cinema’s box office, BCC/LZC’s box office and on

Caravana Banda is not just 5 guys with trumpets. They are one girl and guys — with big trumpets, a guitar, some drums, and a whimsical musical idea.

Caravana Banda is a one-of-a-kind band, whose artistry and musicality fuse gypsy, balkan, and flamenco influences, mixing grand, theatrical majesty with a street energy! Through the voice and flamenco dancing of Magda Navarrete, a Czech brass band, a Spanish guitar, and Balkan drums – this mosaic brings together the best of European sounds in one place.

First, you feel the team’s energy… and then, you start to hear sounds from a very old world: one that’s native to gypsy stories, Balkan music, Polish twists and twirls, and Flamenco rhythms. The energy weaves with the emotional lyrics and melodies that this Polish-Czech band writes, composes, and produces.

Songs of Caravana are instrumentally brilliant, catchy, and arranged in an original way. The band gleans inspiration from their roots when playing some of the Polish and Czech Moravian melodies, but songs from Romania, Albania, Serbia and Spain are also heard at their concerts, as well as many original songs.

This orchestra is full of exotic instruments, and talented, eccentric musicians​:​
vocals, dance – Magda Navarrete
arragements, sax, vocals – Tomas Prusa
guitar, oud, cajón – Andrzej Lewocki
tuba – Jiri Genrt
euphonium – Jakub Masek
trumpet – Vaclav Kalenda
tapan, cajón, darabuka – Mateusz Sieradzan


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