This is the story of how we build a story. The fact that we have to choose something and give up something. About what you can hide in the shadows bypassed by the light of attention, acceptance, respect and love. In this story we shall speak other people’s words with our own mouth and enter abandoned, faded paintings of Caravaggio. Because Caravaggio shifted accents and made a criminal the central figure of his painting.

Wojtek likes Caravaggio and Zdrojek as well if he gets rewarded first. Kozik does not like paintings (Baroque paintings – as generally he likes them)  but he loves theatre (especially contemporary). And if Kozik comes to the rehearsal, Ula will come, too . Wilku, as well, but for 5 zlotys . (Jurek – hell no! )

Some of us do not understand the idea of “exclusion “, but everyone knows that “If  beaten, run away.” YOU also run away, as THEY might take your dignity away.

The performance is a  part of the “Identity of the City. The Art of Activity” project co-financed by the European Union.

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