Butoh dance – photo exhibition

Butoh dance – photo exhibition during 31st Modern Art Days

openning of the exhibition: 19 May 2016, 20:30
Forum foyer, Legionowa 5
admission free

Butoh dancer TO-EN photographed by Paweł Maciak, Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz, Martin Gustavsson, Natalia Osuch, Maciej Grochała, Natalia Miedziak and Andrzej Grzelak.The exhibition presents works of photographers who were present in TO-EN’s artistic career. The authors perpetuated  TO-EN and TO-EN Butoh Company performances and imprinted their visual sensitivity in TO-EN’s artistic vision, where butoh dance and its philosophy go beyond the theatre walls.

Butoh – dance that originated in Japan in the late 50’s. The precursor of the genre was the charismatic dancer and choreographer Tatsumi Hijikata, who revolutionized the approach to art and means of artistic expression. Hijikata’s dance hit the refined aesthetics which dominated on the stages of Japan. This revolutionary and exceeding the limits dance introduced a new look at the body on stage. In Europe, butoh still surprises with an unusual style, creating new conditions for artistic exchange, as well as consolidating its position in contemporary stage art.

TO-EN is a butoh dancer. Her artistic career started in Sweden in a butoh dance group SU-EN Butoh Company. In 2009 in Stockholm, TO-EN had a solo premiere with White, which was also the birth of TO-EN Butoh Company. TO-EN in Japanese means Earth-Garden and is the dancer’s stage name. Currently, the artist is working in Poland. She produces spectacles, multidisciplinary projects, site-specific events, improvisations; she organizes workshops and lectures.


Paweł Maciak – photographer, painter and video artist. Recognizable in his arranged baroque macro photographs. Specialist in the field of studio and documentary photography. Teacher specializing in photography and film, as well as graphics and painting. Author of music and lyrics. Guitarist and bass guitarist. He graduated from the Faculty of Graphics and Painting Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. He also studied woodcut, photography, painting and typography.

Event’s photo: “Melanż”, photo by Paweł Maciak

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