“Black Friday” – 06.27.1941

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an event within the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Białystok ghetto uprising

“Black Friday” – 06.27.1941

06.27.2018 (Wednesday), 6 PM
starting point: the square in front of the Białystok Puppet Theatre, 1 Kalinowskiego Street
endpoint: Great Synagogue Monument, 3A Suraska Street

On June 27th, 1941, German troops entered Białystok. On that day, the first act of the drama of the local Jewish community began, the prelude to kill about half of the city’s population. In the memory of Białystokers and historiography it is known as the so-called “black Friday”.

The soldiers gathered approximately 700-800 Jews in the synagogue, put it on fire and threw grenades inside. The roof of the Great Synagogue collapsed, covering the bodies of hundreds of victims. The fire from the burning synagogue moved to the neighbouring buildings. The entire Schulhof district and parts of the Piaski and Chanajki districts burnt down. On that day, around 2,000 people died altogether in the fire of the synagogue and urban buildings, and as a result of the executions. The remains of the synagogue were blown up by the Germans and the area was cleared. The skeleton of the dome of the synagogue was the only trace of the building. Until the second half of the 1940s, anniversary celebrations commemorating the deaths of Jews from Białystok took place there.

In the place where the synagogue stood, there is now a monument in the shape of the skeleton of the dome. Its unveiling took place in 1995. To this day, commemoration of the outbreak of the Białystok ghetto uprising, which took place on August 16th, 1943, takes place there.

Schedule of artistic events commemorating the victims of the “black Friday”:

  • 18:00 – presentation of reproductions of Israel Beker’s paintings “Arrival of the Germans”, “Piaski – Market”; square in front of the BPT, 1 Kalinowskiego Street (until 08.19.2018) and Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska’s and Olga Gordiejew-Pobot’ radio play “The Song of Chanajki” (production: Polish Radio Białystok, publisher: Kreator Publishing Institute); square in front of the BPT, 1 Kalinowskiego Street
    Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska’s and Olga Gordiejew-Pobot’s print “Białystok Tales” will be distributed
  • 18:20 – march with the accompaniment of klezmer music to the Great Synagogue Monument, 3A Suraska Street
  • 18:40 – presentation of archival postcards and photos of the Białystok Great Synagogue on large-format banners, parking by the Great Synagogue Monument, Suraska Street (from 06.28 to 08.19.2018 it will be available for viewers in front of the Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa street)

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