October 21, 2022, 20:00
Forum cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
tickets: 50/60 PLN, SOLD OUT

Bitamina is a Polish band known for their approachably experimental music created within a broad spectrum of genres including hip hop, jazz, indietronica, folk and R&B. Their latest studio album is 2019’s Flowers and Roots. The album marks the first time Piotr and Mateusz have shared a microphone, and Moo Latte was invited to collaborate on the material. In 2020, the band released Tu da max, a recording of a concert played in the fall of 2019. Miętha, the second band to be heard on the summer evening, is a two-man creation consisting of the rapper Skip and producer hiding behind the nickname AWGS. The guys met just six months before the release of their debut album Audioportret and despite a significant age difference and several other disparities, they found a common language, which can easily be heard in their music. The duo is preparing to release their album 36,6 in 2021 – so you can expect new tracks during the concert. The last artist of the evening is Vito Bambino – Polish film and TV actor, as well as singer and vocalist of Bitamina. He gained a lot of popularity thanks to the song Dom performed with the band. In 2020 he began to contribute as a solo vocalist and released his debut album Poczekalnia on Def Jam Recordings.


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