Billy Fog – performance

The performance of Teatr Figur Krakow – For children over 12 years old

They call him Billy Fog. He likes solitude, night, rain and melancholy. He loves to torment his younger sister Jane and drown ants in chocolate saliva. He is not bad, “just a character.” He has a gift – the gift of Trouble Sight. He once had a cat Tarzan, who was his best friend. One day he found him stiff in the garden…

What happens to a cat’s soul after death? And what is death anyway? This shadow play based on the comic book “Billy Fog” by Guillaume Bianco is addressed to everyone who is or once was 12, maybe lost a cat , a hamster or a parrot and would like to cheat death by closing it in an airtight jar.

Teatr Figur is a non-institutional puppet theatre for audiences of all ages, formed by actors, directors, circus performers, educators, artists and theatre scholars. Their performances are often accompanied by workshops through which spectators can better understand and interpret the presented performance. Members of the theatre are serious about the concept of “family theatre”, therefore their plays are not only liked by children but also their parents (no one can be bored!). They show their performances around the world.

Adapted and directed by Mateusz Przyłęcki

Music: Andrzej Bonarek

Production Designer: Agnieszka Polańska

Cast: Dagmara Żabska , Kinga Wilczyńska / Alla Maslovskaya

Realization: Peter Idziak , Magdalena Halon , Grizzly Man , Hubert Michalak

Light and sound: Murat Kornajew

Dolls animation / consultations: Agnieszka Makowska


Fot. Weronika Idzikowska

Fot. Weronika Idzikowska

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