Białystok ZEOs

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition within the 20th Białystok Zamenhof Days:

Białystok ZEOs

exhibition opening: December 13, 2019, 5.15 PM
Ludwik Zamenhof Center, 19 Warszawska Street
the exhibition is open until January 19, 2020
20th Białystok Zamenhof Days
tickets: Zamenhof Days and Sundays – free entry, other days – 4 PLN

Ludwik Zamenhof and his work were commemorated in many places on the globe. We call such permanent marked facilities associated with Esperanto or Zamenhof ZEOs. Among the ZEOs we find asteroids, murals, graffiti, stained glass, hospitals and schools, trains, bus stops, a tulip and an oscilloscope. Currently, the mission to record global ZEOs is dealt with by a Pole – Robert Kamiński from Łódź. By 2018, information was collected that there are more than 1,600 ZEOs around the world.

In Poland, in many cities we will find examples of ZEOs. Białystok also boasts many ZEOs. It turns out that the inhabitants and authorities of our city remember the famous Białystoker – nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize eight times. It was in Białystok as early as 1919, right after regaining independence, that Zielona Street was renamed, giving it the name Zamenhofa – it was the first such street in Poland.

The photographs presented at the exhibition depict all Bialystok ZEOs, proving that our city is at the forefront of popularizing Zamenhof and Esperanto. Photographs were taken by Jerzy Barańczuk. The author undertook the difficult task of illustrating places and objects, among which we will find those recognizable, but also little known and not located on the map of Białystok.

Jerzy Barańczukphotographer, author of photographic workshops. For over forty years, he has been photographically documenting the socio-cultural life of the inhabitants of Łapy and the surrounding area.

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