Białystok Cultural Centre and Białystok Interphoto Festival have the pleasure of inviting you to the István Halász’ photo exhibition: Visual basics.

Exhibition opening: 09.14.2017, 6 PM – BCC Gallery / Forum Lobby, 5 Legionowa Street
free entry

Exhibition open until 10.15.2017
(within the Forum Cinema’s opening hours (2 PM – 8 PM) or after a telephone appointment (tel. +48 85 746 13 22))
free entry

schedule of events at the BCC and the BCC / LZC on September 14th:

  • 6 PM exhibition opening: István Halász: Visual basics, BCC Gallery / Forum Lobby, 5 Legionowa Street
  • 7 PM inauguration ceremony of the festival, BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street
  • 7:30 PM exhibition opening: Andrij Bojarov: Site – Specific / Kohaspetsiifika, BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street
  • 7:40 PM exhibition opening: Knowns-Unknowns. Lviv photography after the year 2000, BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street
  • 8 PM Andrij Bojarov’s lecture on contemporary Lviv photography in the context of pre-war Polish photography, BCC/LZC, 19 Warszawska Street

István Halász – born in Budapest in 1954. Freelance photographer, working and teaching in Budapest. Since the beginning of the 70’s dealt with art and photography, making portraits, townscapes and landscapes, books, films and videoworks. His works belong more to the experimental and artistic part of the photographic field, balancing between the avant-garde and the traditional tendencies. Member of the Hungarian Artist’s Union and the Union of Hungarian Photographers. Participant of many solo exhibitions in Hungary and abroad (mainly in Europe). Recipient of the prestigious Balogh Rudolf Award from the Hungarian State in 2001.

The exhibition is held under the curatorship of Marek Grygiel.

The selection of István Halász’ huge artistic output is not one of the easiest. Neither description of his activity in recent years. One can only say that all his work is contained in a multilayered interweaving narrative, which is contained in the several dozen images that are in our memory. Psychological portraiture, relationships with the environment and his sensitivity to architecture, references to art history (often referred to other artists) make István Halász not unequivocal assessment. At the same time the clear fragments of personal mythology and the reach of autobiographical threads hinder the intangible intellectual message of his photographic fascination. All of István Halász’ photographs have something of an understatement, but they also contain a specific atmosphere, to citing here the classical definition of Benjamin’s “aura.” Photos taken like as if by chance, without any reporter’s fury, allow us to immerse ourselves in time and space, not only visible on the photographic print or print. The only coherent feature of Halász’ work is probably the kind of melancholy that pervades the reality of the artist’s archives. His work is an attempt to share this melancholy with us, but in such a way that everything is not obvious and named – just as it is in his photographs.
exhibition’s curator Marek Grygiel

Marek Grygiel – art historian, 1990-2015 photography curator in the Centre of Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Expert in portfolio reviews at numerous national and international photography festivals, such as Mesac Fotografie-Bratislawa, Fotofest-Houston, Image Festival-Aarhus, Photo Festival-Kaunas, Krakow Photomonth Festival, Photofestival Łódź, and many other. Curator of numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Founder and editor of photographic journal FOTOTAPETA (online version in the last several years). Cooperated with, among others, Images, European Photography, Foto, Exit, Photography,, Imago. Photoeditor for Gazeta Wyborcza. Honorary member of ZPAF and member-correspondent of Deutsche Fotografische Akademie.

The festival is cofinanced with the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Białystok City’s budget, and with the financial  support of the Marshal’s Office of Podlaskie Voivodeship.

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