Białystok Ghetto Underground

We have the pleasure of inviting you to an outdoor concert on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Białystok Ghetto Uprising:

Białystok Ghetto Underground

Radek Orłowski (Tempelhof, Madame Delirium, BSSS, Radius)
Michał Ciruk (Cira)
Cezary Tabor (Obywatel NIP)

corner of Jurowiecka and Fabryczna Streets
August 13th, 2020 r., 8:30 pm
free admission

This time there will be no sentimental violins and melodies. There will be electro, cold wave, stoner, punk, hip-hop. It will be about death, rage, struggle, isolation, longing, love and hate.

Polish Jews locked up behind the walls of concentration camps and ghettos wrote about it. Also the Białystok ghetto in whose ruins a concert will take place. The houses at Jurowiecka, Ciepła, Fabryczna, Nowogródzka Streets witnessed the greatest anti-Nazi uprising in Białystok – the ghetto uprising in August 1943. The same houses will witness a concert with songs that were mostly never played in Poland since the war, with the first Polish translations of Yiddish texts and the music they would probably have been written to if they had been written today.

The basis of the texts here is primarily a collection by Szmerke Kaczergiński, published in Yiddish in 1948 in New York entitled “Lider fun Di Getos Un Lagern” (“Songs of Ghettos and Camps”). This publication has never been published in Poland or even translated into Polish.

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