Baj Theatre: The Well Behaved Girl

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a performance within the 34th. Contemporary Art Days:

Baj Theatre: The Well Behaved Girl

dir. Maria Żynel

May 25th, 2019, 4 PM
Białystok Puppet Theatre, 1 Kalinowskiego Street
tickets: 10 PLN/children, 15 PLN/adults, available at the Forum cinema’s box office (5 Legionowa Street), BCC/LZC’ box office (19 Warszawska Street), and at the event venue half an hour before its start

Lusia is a smart, pretty, quiet girl, but above all she is well behaved, simply an ideal child. What is her life in the day like? When she gets up she cleans her teeth, gets dressed, has breakfast, then her father sees her off to school where she obediently listens and takes notes. Back home, she does her homework, tidies up, does exercises, has a wash and goes to bed. Nothing extraordinary except… she sometimes has an urge to talk to someone. Who are Lusia’s companions? What do they talk of to each other? Whatever happened when she sang a song about spring at the school talent show? Is there anything that may pose a threat to the well behaved girl?

The play is an adaptation of the book by Gro Dahle, a Norwegian writer and psychologist who adresses the issue of higly unreasonable wishes that adults expect children to live up to. It reveals how imposing a steretypical role of a well behaved, neat and pretty girl, model daughter and pupil hinders genuine development. Both Gro Dahle and the performers show the consequences of upbringing oblivious to the young human’s feelings and vital needs. In this story the parents manage to learn something new about themselves while Lusia gets stronger and makes her voice heard.

written by Gro Dahle
adapted for stage by Malina Prześluga
translated from Norwegian by Edyta Rzewuska
director – Maria Żynel
set designer – Marcin Bikowski
music director – Michał Siwak
lighting designer – Jaime Daniel Sanjuan-Ciepielewski
multimedia visuals by Amadeusz Nosal
assistant director – Hanna Kinder-Kiss

Lusia – Izabela Zachowicz
Lusia’s mother, Mouse – Malwina Czekaj
Lusia’s father, Blanket – Marcin Marcinowicz
Leoś/schoolchildren – Marek Zimakiewicz
Schoolteacher – Elżbieta Bieda
Grandma Matilda – Hanna Kinder-Kiss

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