Baby Bump: Premiere

11-year-old Mickey House is no longer a child. But who is he…? He has no clue. He has no friends. His mom is an enigma to him. He hates what’s happening to his body. Reality and imagination blend together in a toxic mix. Events escalate at home and at school, everything becomes the extreme. Mickey has to find the strength within him to put a stop to what’s inevitable. Where will his encounter with his own maturing body take him? Growing up…  not for kids.

 Director’s statement

My intention was to create an unrealistic movie. A comic-book style film about physical adolescence – about the body that changes, grows and turns into a monster. The story is focused on the corporeality of an 11-year-old boy and the frustration it causes – the kid doesn’t want to be noticed and belittled. He doesn’t know what is happening with him. He rejects the fact that his transformation has begun. He escapes into his fantasy world – a cruel fairy tale where his contacts with his community and his mother – unable to accept that her son changes – seem ultimate and final. Baby Bump is a portrait of a child trapped in adolescence – few say it out loud, but growing up really isn’t for kids.

– Kuba Czekaj Director / Scriptwriter

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