Asia Live! Singapore: Ezzam Rahman, Natasha Wei, Justin Lee, Nicole Phua

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a performance art within the 34th Contemporary Art Days:

Asia Live! Singapore: Ezzam Rahman, Natasha Wei, Justin Lee, Nicole Phua

May 21st, 2019, 5.30 PM
May 22nd, 2019, 5.30
Arsenał elektrownia Gallery, 13 Elektryczna Street (entrance on Świętojańska Street)
free entry

Curated by Waldemar Tatarczuk
Co-organizer: Arsenał Gallery in Białystok

This consecutive part in the series presenting Asian performance art is dedicated to Singapore. Jason Lim, a long-standing curator of Future of Imagination festival, contributed to the programme.

Justin Lee (born 1963, Singapore), artist and designer. One of the first interns STPI organisation chose to work under Frank Stella and Donald Sultan. His desig style combines the contemporary mould with Singaporean tradition and popular culture. His works echo words and images from media, billboards or consumer goods. As a performer he believes that art fosters personal development and helps people find their calling and identity.

Nicole Phua (born 1997, Singapore) engages in performance and installation art focusing on culture, religion and spiritual enlightment with regard to life and death, which she believes are complementary emanations of the same energy. In her performances Nicole makes use of symbolically shaped everyday objects, thus supplementing their significance.

Ezzam Rahman (born 1981, Singapore) in his installations and performances explores the body and basic human emotions. His narrations challenge identity politics and its intrinsic paradox of the emphasis and marginality. Rahman is known for using found objects and unconventional materials to make the viewer reflect on what is transient, vanishing and degraded.

Natasha Wei (born 1982, Singapore) in her performances refers to human condition and explores endurance of the female body. She prompts the viewers to recreate their own past experiences, discover new meanings and share their empathy. Natasha’s visual language respects the limits of space, deformed beauty and fantasies eclipsing reality. Recently she has tended to combine visual images and live action with one another.

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