Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec: The Hasidim in Lelów

February 24 – March 28, 2021
Ludwik Zamenhof Center, 19 Warszawska Street

admission: 5 PLN per person (free on Sundays)
exhibition closed

“Whenever Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec shows his photos from the “Hasidim in Lelów” series, he is met with questions: “Is this really happening? Isn’t it staged? ” Honestly, the same question he asked himself when he first encountered, as photographers say, the subject. The Hasidim intrigue Ławrywianiec not because they are like quotations from another reality. They intrigue him precisely because they create reality. A closed circle with the same traditions and rituals for centuries, it is set up anew in a specific space of a small Polish town. Its inhabitants do not treat the arrivals as guests either. They are simply people who, next to Poles, during these few days a year find their place on earth in Lelów.

The mysticism of Hasidic rituals flows directly from the inside of its participants. Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec, although his photos are documentary, managed to show this process perfectly.”
Henryka Wach-Malicka

Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec (born 1967) – photojournalist, photography teacher, activist of photographers’ organizations, organizer and juror in photo competitions.

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