An Ear on Documentary

Can music be the hero of a documentary? Can we replace the classic film drama with much more sophisticated dramaturgy of a musical piece? What directions of development can a music document accept? These and other questions will be answered by “An Ear on Documentary”, a unique documentary and music project combining documentary film, music and educational activities.


January 31st, 6 PM | Forum cinema | ticket: 10 PLN
“Opera about Poland” + “Krzyżoki” and a meeting with director Piotr Stasik

February 15th, 2019, 6 PM | Forum cinema |ticket: 10 PLN
“Festival” and a meeting with director Anna Gawlita and cinematographer Tomasz Wolski

Opera about Poland
Pole, who are you? This film collage that combines archival and contemporary materials, documentary and staged pictures, press reports, social announcements, sale offers and speech excerpts is an attempt to answer this question. Referring to the Polish tradition of a creative documentary in the style of Wojciech Wiszniewski, the film presents various manifestations of Polishness: patriotic and religious rituals, everyday traditions as well as characteristic landscapes or intimate memories from childhood.


Easter Sunday celebrations are in progress somewhere near Opole. Although there are almost no horses left in the village, the farmers rent them to embark on the traditional border tour of the fields around the village, one taking many hours. On their way the villagers pray and sing pious songs. When they stop – they rest, eat and drink alcohol. Tiredness and inebriation mix with religious exultation. Sacrum and profanum in one.

There is a classical music festival going on. The camera takes a look at the backstage, captures the last rehearsals, follows the work of the technical crew, costume preparations and the banter between the signer and the pianist. Backstage, fans are collecting autographs and take photographs with artists. This is the festival microcosm as seen from all possible perspectives. The stage seems to be somewhere far away as the process of music creation and the commotion that accompanies it is more important.

Organizers: Kijora Film, Wrocław Film Foundation, Documentary Film Institute Foundation
Coorganizer: GAG FDC – Białystok Cultural Centre



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