Alina Gabrel-Kamińska: Backstage

We invite you to an exhibition within the 32nd Modern Art Days Festival:

Alina Gabrel-Kamińska

Białystok Cultural Centre Small Gallery, 5 Legionowa Street
May 18th, 2017, 6 PM
free entry

Backstage is a bit surprising and definitely mysterious place, especially for those, who cannot get there. This is the space where a certain event is being prepared, viewed by the audience as a finished work. Offstage areas, magazines, office spaces, long hallways… The photography exhibition by Alina Gabrel-Kaminska will help you discover how the last year’s Modern Art Days looked like behind the scenes.

Alina Gabrel-Kamińska – born in 1980, with a camera in her hands for 18 years, for the first few years she was interested in analog photography. She takes photos of people and their emotions, families, children, most eagerly. Her more important projects are:  “A Perfect Granddad”(published among others in “Lens” – China, “Huffington Post” – USA, “Crescer” – Brazil) and “8120 km”. She has internet publications all over the world. She also created an album cover for “TZN Xenna” punk rock band. She runs a personal blog about the adventures of her children (


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