Alice – outdoor performance by Fuzja theatre

Each spectator, big and small, will find here something for themselves! Alice’s surreal world will be introduced to us by a gang of bicycle rabbits, unique machines, dreamlike figures with illuminated lampshades over their heads, monstrous mushrooms and amazing music. Alice’s story is embellished with a great sense of humour and imagination where the actors carry the audience into an unknown, strange and fascinating world.

The infinite identity is a paradox of pure coming into being which is able to escape the present. The infinite identity of two simultaneous directions and senses: the future and the past, yesterday and the day after, less and more, activity and passivity, cause and effect. Exceeding growing and getting smaller… which way? In fact, the potion works both ways simultaneously.

And besides, it’s Alice who always chases the rabbit. Oh! There are more rabbits somehow…

Fuzja is an alternative theatre from Poznan, founded in 2006. Its leaders and founders are directors and actors  Anna and Tomasz Rozmianiec. The troupe’s strongest asset is a fusion of movement, sound, image, rhythm and words. Their repertoire includes both indoor and outdoor performances based on the artists’ most vital means of expression – image and movement

Directed by: Anna and Thomas Rozmianiec.

Music: Sosen. Written and set design by the team.



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