A Week of Radical Abundance: classes + film + feast

Within the 34th. Contemporary Art Days we have the pleasure of inviting you to

A Week of Radical Abundance

May 22nd-25th, 2019
Arsenał elektrownia Gallery, 13 Elektryczna Street (entrance on Świętojańska Street)
free entry

22-23 May, 14:00-17:00 – vegetarian/vegan cooking workshop run by Adelina Cimochowicz (to regiser contact t.pawlowski@galeria-arsenal.pl)
24 May, 16:00 – “Dominion”, a film screening and discussion; with Jarosław Urbański and Jaś Kapela
25 May, 17:00-20:00 – The Feast

“Development is intrinsic to life and when we affirm reduction, we simply mean maintaining welfare at a certain optimum level. Care for collective welfare of some does not need to bring injustice to others and Radical Abundance can be an answer to frenzied consumption.”

Adelina Cimochowicz, a visual artist and activist, turns the space in front of Elektrownia Gallery into a campsite accommodating a mobile kitchen and experimental garden to create a center for testing alternative ways of consumption and redestribution of goods. The programme includes two sessions of vegetarian cooking inspired by the seminal book Kosowska Kuchnia Jarska, a screening of the film Dominion and camera-mediated actions revolving around the issue of sustainable and ethical consumption.

The Week of Radical Abundance will end with an open feast at the common table, offering unconventional vegetarian food.

Adelina Cimochowicz (born 1992, Białystok) – focuses on photography, video projects and communal activism; tenant rights defender

Jaś Kapela (born 1984) – writer, poet, columnist, activist, member of Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej editorial team

Tomek Pawłowski (born 1995, Sokółka) – independent curator and organizer; collaborates with young artists, art collectives and independent galleries on performance and process art projects

Jarosław Urbański (born 1964) – sociologist, unionist and anarchist activist of Rozbrat group in Poznań

concept by Adelina Cimochowicz
curated by Tomek Pawłowski
consulted by Sylwia Narewska and Ewa Tatar
implemented by Galeria Arsenał, Białystok
co-organizer: Arsenał Gallery in Białystok

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