A walk in the footsteps of voivode Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowski

July 10, 2021, 11:00
rally point: Ludwik Zamenhof Center, 19 Warszawska St.
free participation, no registration required

guide: Elżbieta Iwaszko

One of the patrons of 2021 is Marian Zyndram-Kościałkowski (1892-1946), voivode of Białystok, as well as a soldier, MP, minister and prime minister of the Polish government. The organizational skills he demonstrated as a voivode contributed to the development of his political career.

Kościałkowski made a proud mark in the history of Białystok during his stay here from July 1931 to March 1934. He was keenly interested in the condition of the city. Kościałkowski’s involvement ensured him the gratitude of citizens, respect of various interest groups and recognition by the central authorities.

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