A-WA / The Ufoslavians / Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra / Dzikie Jabłka

We invite you to a concert within The Rise of Eastern Culture / Another Dimension festival:

A-WA / The Ufoslavians / Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra / Dzikie Jabłka

September 1st, 7 PM
Kościuszki Square
free entry

A – WA (Israel / Yemen)
The band consisting of the three sisters with electrifying voices, Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim, is now one of the hottest and most original phenomena on the Israeli music scene. The sisters combine traditional Yemenian sound and desert atmosphere with electronics and trance, contemporary, music. Their repertoire consists of the songs in Yemeni Arabic dialect, that were recorded for the first time in the 1960s by Shlomo Mog. Their debut album, that was published in 2015, was produced by Tomer Yosef, the vocalist of the Balkan Beat Box. In 2014, they performed in Poland for the first time, at the Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow. They are currently conquering the entire Europe.

The Ufoslavians (Slovenia)
For the first time in Poland! This “outergalactic” band was founded in 2014 and established its first contact with the Earth with the single “Cigančica”. The song was well received not only in the Balkans, and from that moment the band explores other cultures, playing concerts around the world. These searches and collaborations with various musicians and vocalists have become the foundation of the group’s first album, which was released in 2016. The Ufoslavians offer the original “ufoslavic” style, which is the result of mixing Balkan, Gypsy, reggae, cumbia, ska, hip hop, and electronic music. On the stage you can watch them wearing spectacular disguises of aliens from another planet.

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra
It is hard to find an orchestra that would combine afrobeat, reggae, dub, funk, rock, jazz, and world music so originally. The WAO is the only one in Poland, and perhaps the only one in the Eastern Europe, afrobeat band, that is not only a transmitter of Fela Kuti’s Nigerian tradition, but also offers an innovative formula of this music, introducing elements of other styles. Like no other afrobeat band in the world, it uses the power of female vocals – experienced musicians and three vocalists create a colourful dance crucible, that will not let anyone stay in place. Through collaboration with the American Ubiquity Records, it caught the attention of the world, and the BBC’ Gilles Peterson praised them himself. The members of the group also perform with many folk / world / rock bands, such as Village Kollektiv, Żywiołak, Elvis Deluxe, or ShataQS.

Dzikie Jabłka
One of the most interesting bands of the Polish folk scene, with a graceful and unique charisma revealing a new face of traditional music. Their performances give the audience a lot of emotion and a powerful dose of positive energy. They generate enthusiastic reactions from the public, result in excellent reviews and numerous awards. The repertoire of the band is a combination of two elements: Slavic melodic notes and captivating African drum beat. It is not an inspiration from Africa or Polish folklore, it is a living fusion of them. What further distinguishes Dzikie Jabłka are the ethnically interesting instruments: drums, dunun, djembe and African percussion instruments: balafon, krin, and cajón, as well as violin, accordion, guitar and flutes.

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A-WA The Ufoslavians Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra Dzikie Jabłka


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