Antarctica: A Year On Ice

This document has been filming for 15 years, including winters. As a result viewers can rediscover this fascinating continent!

Visually stunning record of Antarctica, the most frosty place on Earth year.

Director: Anthony Powell
Running time: 92 min.
Scenario: Anthony Powell, Simon Price
Production: New Zealand, 2013
Producers: Anthony Powell, Antzworks Limited (New Zealand)
Editing: Simon Price
Music: David Donaldson

Antarctica: A Year On Ice is a visually stunning film that lets you experience what it is like to live in Antarctica for a full year, including winters isolated from the rest of the world, while enduring months of darkness in the harshest place on Earth.  Anthony Powell has been working in Antarctica with his wife Christine for many years. After over 10 years of filming, his documentary is now complete.  It has had a theatrical release in the US and New Zealand, and has screened at numerous festivals around the world and winning many awards.



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