34th Contemporary Art Days

Białystok Cultural Centre has the pleasure of inviting you to the

34th Contemporary Art Days

May 20th-26th, 2019

Bearing in mind the trends developing in recent years in the world, including Poland: the dissolution of values ​​and the collapse of the so-called human decency, man’s dominance over nature, ignorance and lack of respect for animals, limitation of freedom and liberties, while increasing unrest and triumph of populism – we present the latest, 34th edition of Contemporary Art Days. An edition whose common denominators include anxiety, ferment, discord and resistance. During a week filled with theatre, music, visual arts, performance, cinema, literature and thoughts exchange, we will present events and artists who comment on what many people prefer to remain silent about, confront themselves with what many are running away from. Those who avoid simple answers, start debates, expose stupidity, unnerve others, see more. Those who refer to anxieties, filtering them through their own sensitivity – regardless of whether we think about a ferment of values, macro-distress or intimate anxiety.

„How can we live, dammit, with the knowledge that such things are going on?” – such a question will be asked by the creators present at the CAD.


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Contemporary Art Days
Organized since 1985, the festival is one of the leading events of the Białystok Cultural Centre and the oldest and largest event of this type in the region. It is based on the theatre, but it is also enriched by other, numerous genres: visual arts, music, film and meetings with artists. The festival is aimed at people who value bold and innovative artistic projects, ready to meet with creators with a clear vision, discussing with the surrounding reality with the use of form, words, sounds and infinite imagination. For over three decades, the festival has hosted many artists from Poland and abroad.

Organizer: Białystok Cultural Centre
The festival is held under the honorary patronage of the Białystok City Mayor
The festival is financed by the City of Białystok

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